Daytrading in the Zone™ Audio CD

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Dear fellow trader,

One of my students, Francis Perry, and I have been working on brain entrainment for quite some time now. To get into that patient intuitive relaxed state, we've been experimenting with various CDs. All of them work to varying degrees. The latest we recommended was the Theta Meditation System, which works well.

Of course, we were always looking for something better. Our intent was to get us out of the Beta state (wide awake, alert, active, analytical, aggressive) and bring us down into the mid to low Alpha state, which is a zoned out state.

When you're in mid to low Alpha, you're very relaxed and patient. This is the same state you're in when you daydream.

In this state you can easily wait an hour for a really good no-brainer trade to come to you. This is exactly what we wanted to be able to do, especially during the first hour and a half that the market was open, as there's almost always at least 2 or 3 good moves then.

Francis and I tested all kinds of software and methods for getting us down into that state. With some assistance from others, and a lot of testing on ourselves while trading, we modified it until we finally got a CD that is the perfect balance of everything we wanted.

It's a high quality live recording of Oregon coast surf crashing against the rocks.

We then modulated it using both Amplitude Modulation and Low Pass Filter Modulation. This makes the surf sound a little weird, but most people love the sound of the CD.

"This has happened to me twice now: I got all set up for trading: charts, DTCii, etc, but I forgot to start my DAYTRADING IN THE ZONE cd. At about 9:40 AM Eastern, I realized it and turned on the cd. BIG difference. This is NOT a subtle effect. It's significant and it works."

It doesn't use beat frequencies created by a frequency difference between your ears, so you don't need headphones. We wanted a CD you could play over either speakers or headphones...your choice.

I originally called it "Tense and Intense Terminator™" but few liked that name. I thought it was descriptive of exactly what it did, but everyone said the name sounded like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and not a relaxation CD.

Then I named it "Zone Out™" and several people said that sounded like an illegal drug. Whatever...

So I changed the name to "Daytrading in the Zone™" and made everyone happy.

I have the CD....So I used it thinking nothing of it. WOW to say the least! It was like the Wonder Pill for me ( I guess that is a good name for the CD..) It worked great. I was relaxed, focused, and smooth all day even after I turned it off. I started using it while doing my other work, I felt more productive and my energies were channeled appropriately." - H.M., Hudson, OH

I priced it low to make it available to everyone.

The "Daytrading in the Zone™" audio CD is only $14.97 postpaid in the U.S., and only $24.97 postpaid outside the U.S.

This audio CD should be played on need for headphones. I wouldn't play it through the tiny little speakers in most laptop computers - I'd try a boom box or regular stereo.

Warning: Don't play it while driving or operating machinery.

"This is also the first time I have had a chance to use your new trading CD. I have to admit, it has a very definite calming effect." - L.V., Jacksonville, FL

When you listen to it, try turning up the bass a little bit to enhance the rumble of the surf, and please let me know how it works for you.


Paul Quillen

PS: You can also use it for calming down others (such as children or grandchildren).

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